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5 Reasons you Should Marry in Sicily

Mediterranean Beaches

The beaches in Sicily are some of the best most beautiful in the world, and with wonderful weather, its warm enough to visit the beach for half the year. Glorious summers stretch all the way from May into October, and the mild winter very quickly becomes a warm spring.

With over 280 stunning beaches on Sicily, it’s hard to pinpoint a favorite. They come in all forms, and many colors, from town beaches to secluded inlets and coves, and with sparkling azure waters, rugged coastal landscapes, and powdery white sands.

Incredible History

Walking through Sicily, history unfolds at your feet. There are an abundance of historical sites, churches, and museums, and many of the cities have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to their dramatic architecture from various time periods.

First there is Ragusa; a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the southern tip of the island. Clinging to a steep hillside with incredible views, you’ll find romantic winding streets, narrow cobbled walk ways, charming historic churches, and dramatic medieval architecture throughout. Other baroque towns in the south with the same UNESCO status include Val di Noto, Modica, Noto, and Scicli.

Food and Wine

Sicily is a haven of culinary delights, and foodies, wine lovers and those with a sweet tooth will fit right in. “Always fresh and always seasonal, the temptation to eat your way through Sicily is overpowering.” And with an emergence of local wineries like Tasca d’Almerita and Planeta, the great wine traditions of Sicily have been reborn.

It doesn’t matter where you go, or what you choose eat, the food is guaranteed to be incredible. Both Sicily and the regions in Sicily have their own local specialties, though one particular dish deserves a mention of its own. From the Italian for “little tube,” Cannoli is Sicily’s best-known dessert. It is a cone shaped delight filled with mouth-watering sugary vanilla ricotta cheese, provocatively dusted with powdered sugar and sometimes even chocolate ganache.

Mount Etna

If hiking Europe’s tallest active volcano sounds like somewhat of an adventure, you’re in the right place to do it. Mount Etna sits at 3,323m, and erupts quite frequently, usually sending a dramatic amount of ash in big, puffy clouds ascending over the island and beyond.

There are plenty of opportunities to hike the volcano, with treks for all skill levels, and panoramic views which make the journey worth it alone. And while snow caps are an unlikely image to pair with smoke and spitting lava, during winter you can choose to ski down the north face of the volcano and jump over lava bumps.

It’s Authentic

One of the best things about Sicily is its authenticity. The island today is what Italy used to be; “a preserved slice of old-world travel that is hard to find these days.”

The island has not been overly developed for tourism, so travel here offers a very real and unscripted experience. It’s the true definition of off the beaten path. There are predominantly mom-and-pop businesses, very few luxury resorts, and “no one seems keen on (or good at) ripping off visitors.”


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