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A Beer Themed Wedding

It’s only from mid 1990s that the craft beer movement started to grow, mostly in the northern areas of Italy and 1996 is considered the year in which the italian craft beer sector was born.  Some of the pioneers, such as “Birrificio Italiano” and “Baladin”, are now world-renowned.

Italy has never been known as a beer-producing (or consuming) country: nevertheless, thanks to the small productive capacity of the microbreweries (that allowed flexibility and opportunity to experiment) and the italian artisan ability, Italy has become more and more respected from beer lovers, both in Italy and abroad and now it can be recognised worldwide for new beer styles as well.

If you then want to marry in the Italian Lakes, well choose a Beer Themed Wedding. In the North, close to the Lakes Region is where many of the Beer Factories are Located.

Our Packages in the North start from £7990

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