You got engaged! It is time to enhance your beauty and you will want to jump-start your bridal beauty routine.

Tip 1 – Skin: it is essential, especially for your face, to arrive to your big day with a smooth and spot-free skin. Remember that beauty starts from inside, so begin straight away to eat healthy. Vitamin A is what you are looking for, when helping your skin to be as radiant as possible. Fruits and vegetables of orange, dark green and yellow colours are the ones with the highest percentage of this vitamin. Start your day with hot water and a squeeze of lemon and insert in your diet as much spinach, kale, apricots, carrots (but careful that carrots have high percentage of sugar), strawberries, blueberries, fresh currants as possible. Use avocadoes after your shower to massage your body: it will help the elasticity of your skin, especially if you are an over 40’s bride. Avoid to drink alcohol and reduce it to a one, two glasses of red wine per week

Then go to your beautician. Have regular facials (once a month) and when buying your face cream look carefully at its ingredients: the skin hardly absorb chemicals, so buy those lotions that have a high percentage of natural ingredients.

Tip 2 – Body: Work out! I know, it is difficult, sometimes very hard, to fit your work out regime into a hectic life schedule. Researchers have found that 15 minutes every day of high intensity and low intensity intervals of exercise, it is really what you need to keep fit and even loose weight. And if you don’t fancy hitting the gym, do what NASA does to train its astronauts: buy a home trampoline; or do what Victoria Secrets’ models do before the catwalk: buy a skipping rope and skip for 15 minutes every day. Both the trampoline and the skipping rope are so far the best exercising you can do.

By the way…..don’t forget to drink water! Doctors’ advice is to drink at least 2 litres a day. Pure green tea is also great for our bodies.

Tip 3 – Hair: To keep your hair shiny and beautiful, two basic ingredients will help you: egg’s yolk and sunflower oil. Mix them together and apply the mask on your hair for 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can do a mix of olive, almond and wheat germ oils. In both cases rinse well after applying.

Remember, in any case, to insert in your diet: lemons, honey, avocadoes, bananas (avoid them though if you suffer from high cholesterol), vinegar and eggs. They will all help your hair to stay strong and shiny. Use more of the above listed oils if your hair is mainly dry or less if it is naturally greasier.

When going to your hairdresser to have your hair dyed, ask what kind of brand he/she uses. Good brands are using less and less chemicals (ammonia is one of the worst), which are of course very damaging. If are then a swimmer, make sure you always wear a thick swimming cap.

Tip 4 – Nails: A very basic good practice is to start off by protecting our nails. We do that by wearing gloves when doing your house chores as well as using a file for shortening them: nail cutters and scissors ‘break’ the nails, making them weaker.

Have regular manicures, even DIY: the most important thing is to keep them clear of cuticles and file them once a week. Avoid to have nail reconstructions, even if it is gel. Only have them for your big occasions (yes for your wedding!) but then take them off as soon as possible.

As per the skin and the hair, it is vital to follow a correct diet. You will need the vitamins found in carrots, lettuce, spinach, chicory, broccoli, tomatoes, sweet peppers, peaches, apricots, pineapple and citrus in general. You will also need the proteins of milk, yogurts (we suggest to only eat Greek yogurt), eggs and cheese for calcium.