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Food in the Lake Garda’s Region

Food in the Lake Garda’s Region

Food is a huge part in our culture and that is because each Italian region has its own local products. Italians, then, with their creativity, make fantastic dishes out of each and every products. As reported by the site, this is all you need to know about it:

“Lake Como Cuisine

Lake Como is known for its fabulous Michelin starred restaurants, rustic Italian eateries and sleek bars and bistros. But what is the traditional cuisine of Lake Como?

Cotoletta all Milanese is comprised of cutlets of tender veal dipped in egg and bread crumbs, which are then fried in olive oil until golden brown. Meanwhile osso buco is the shin bone of veal cooked in a ragout sauce and served on rice and peas. Risotta alla Milanese is cooked with chicken giblets and flavoured with saffron and butter; the dish is considered incomplete without lashings of Parmigiano – Reggiano cheese.


Surprisingly for some, the cornmeal based polenta is eaten more often than pasta in and around Lake Como. However, the popular dish pizzoccheri is made up of pasta, cheese and vegetables. The array of pastas in the supermarkets is superb, perfect for Lake Como self catering. Be sure to try the farfalle ai funghi porcini dish; butterfly pasta with porcini mushrooms, parmesan and butter…’tastebud tingling’ is no hyperbole in this case.

Lake Fish

Thanks to the Italians’ love of seafood, rissoto con pesce persico is also often on the menu. The most popular fish in Lake Como is probably lavarello, fish caught fresh from the lake. Pike fillets, maltagliati with lavaret roe, shad, perch, tench, eel and even buseca (tripe) also feature! Missoltini, sourced from shad, is sun-dried and then conserved in layers of bay leaves and salt in a ‘missolta’ , a contained closed by a weighted wooden cover. Each town around the lake has its own special way of grilling fish. Fritto misto di lago is a fried mix of lake fish dish which many people can’t get enough of! Fish is often cooked with ingredients such as vinegar, onion, laurel, parsley, breadcrumbs, anchovies, garlic, capers, egg yolks and olive oil.


For sweet tooth, frittelle di mele are essentially apple fritters and taste divine! Meanwhile mataloc is a scrummy sponge cake and miascia is made by mixing stale bread, milk, eggs, butter, sugar, apples, pears, pine nuts, raisins, crumbled macaroons, dark chocolate and lemon zest. Masigott has a crumbly dough base made up of buckwheat, sugar, butter, eggs, pine nuts and candied oranges. You should also be able to get your hands on perfectly crumbling biscuits and almond brittle!…….”


If it’s an Indian Wedding Your are celebrating, well Lake Garda is the Place for You! The highest concentration of Indian community is Italy is right in this region. The Indian Consular Office is in Milan and it is in this area that you get the best Indian chefs.

please note images are taken from giallozafferano blog