You might be wondering how perfectly the divas and models wear long-lasting lip-colours. The colour never drips a bit. It seems as if they are naturally plump. But actually, they are not. They have to look their best for which their makeup artists really work hard.

But you don’t worry. You too can beat them by looks. You can shape-up your lips like the petals of a rose and reflect like an HD image. Here is the roundup of the expert’s lip-makeup tips:


  1. Slough off the dead skin: Flaky skin tends to peel off. Colouring the flaky surface is likely to leave the uneven tone. So, it is better to buff away the dead cells from our lips. It not only cleanses but also does the smoothening of your pouts.  
  2. Hydrate with lip-balm: A bit of dew can hydrate the thirst of your lips. Smear a bit of Naturals Lip Balm from Avon. It’s non-oily formula that supple lips without leaving grease. Oil tends to tan your lips. So, you can use the balm instead of any oil to moisturize.
  3. Smudge the concealer: Sometimes, tanning bans the colour to show its true tint. Suppose if you apply tomato red lipstick on to the dark lips, the tint of red will be slightly darker. Don’t lose your hope. You can get the true desirable colour. Hide the lip-surface using Ideal Luminous Concealer StickPut a coat and then, smudge it.
  4. Fence with lipliner: Now, pick the ultra color lip-crayon and start outlining your pouts. Do it in one go. Begin gliding it on to their fences. Make it bolder. It gives you slightly dry effect.           
  5. Fill lip-colour for fuller lips: It’s time to let your lovely pouts feel the splash of colour. So, fill it completely across your pouts.
  6. Dab the tissue paper: Use a tissue paper. Cover your lips and pucker it as you do to your lip-colour. Dab some loose powder onto the paper. This trick will blot the extra hue.
  7. Give a touch up: Now, you are almost done with your HD lip-colouring. Just give a touch up with the colour that you have applied.
  8. Use cleanser to hide the drips: if the colour spills a bit, use cleanser. It will clean the surface. Or, you can apply concealer to camouflage the surface.

Now, you can flaunt the plumper, fuller and supper lips with the above told beauty tips

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