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Italian Wedding Venues

Some of the most popular  Italian weddings venues  are castles and villas. These venues often offer rooms and apartments that can be rented to guests. Some are also perfect for small weddings and honeymoons. A traditional Italian restaurant can also be a lovely setting for your big day. Many restaurants in Italy are famous for holding weddings.

Italian Wedding Venues: Villas

Italy is home to hundreds of old palaces and villas. Unfortunately, much of the aristocracy has fallen on hard times due to taxes and dissipated fortunes, but many of the old palaces are being converted to use in the hospitality industry.

You can easily find a villa or old palace to rent expecially in the North/Centre Italy. But you’ll need to consider that they usally have max 10 rooms and some shared bathrooms. Furthermore you will need to outsource or self cater for everything, breakfast included.

Typically, aristocratic villas in Italy are built on several floors.

Italian villas often have formal gardens.  In addition to formal gardens, Italian villas often feature extravagant nymphaea. Those in search of a romantic getaway should consider an Italian villa. It will allow them to completely immerse themselves in Italian life.

Italian Wedding Venues

Farmhouses in Italy

Farmhouses in Italy often hold a tale or two of the past. Often stone and rustic, they can be situated in secluded areas and have their own vineyards or other agricultural activities. Some have been completely renovated and offer modern amenities. Others feature attractive terraces and pools. Many also have guesthouses or annexes.

The word “farmhouse” has its roots in medieval Italian, where it was spelled as “cascina”, “capsina,” “cascasina,” or “cassina.” The word is thought to be a derivative of the Latin word “capsula,” which meant a corral or stockyard, or the Old Italian word cascio, which meant “farmstead.” The first farmhouses were built around the 13th century, often equipped with a mill, stables, and tower defenses.

Another key point is that Farmhouses in Italy can offer a plethora of options for a relaxing vacation. A refurbished medieval farmhouse, for example, may be perfect for a romantic getaway. Or, a converted 15th-century farmhouse with views of vineyards is an ideal choice. 

Italian Wedding Venues

Italian Castles

Italy is famous for its beautiful castles, and the country attracts thousands of tourists every year. These fortified structures stand on high, stoned slopes and are surrounded by vast estates. These structures are filled with history and legend. Here are a few castles that are worth a visit.

Every Italian town built in the Middle Ages, has one or more castles strategically located on top of the hills of the countryside just outside the walls: noble residences or defensive structures, the castles are scattered throughout the Italian territory. Thanks to these intrinsic characteristics, the castles offer an incomparable spectacle both outside and inside their walls: breathtaking views outside and elegant halls inside … what more could you want for a dream wedding? Not to mention that numerous castles offer the possibility of hosting both  religious celebrations or a civil ceremony or even a symbolic rite. Getting married in a castle therefore allows the couple to organize both the ceremony and the reception in a single location, a convenience that should not be underestimated.

Boutique Hotels in Italy

These charming properties offer personalized service and elegant, comfortable rooms. Many of them are located in historic buildings or have beautiful gardens. They also boast a fully equipped fitness center and spa.

Typically, boutique hotels are small and chic, with between ten and a hundred rooms, and focus on the personal attention and service of their guests. They often have unique design styles and blend modern sophistication with historic details. Some of them offer rooftop terraces, while others are more secluded and quaint.

With a rich 2,000-year history, Italy has plenty to offer. If you’re looking for a boutique hotel in Florence, a great choice would be the Hotel Burchianti. This hotel was once owned by the noble Castiglioni family, and has been a popular boutique hotel in Florence since 1900. Famous opera singers, poets, and Italian politicians stayed here after the Renaissance. The hotel is close to Florence’s attractions and offers excellent Italian food.

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