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Jewelry Inspiration/Trends For 2024

Jewelry Inspiration/Trends For 2024

I love red, the colour of love. Use it in your wedding. Whether it’s an accessorize or more, just use it. If you wear it an  detail on your hair, make sure to have other red visual points. Could be a belt on your dress, or a bracelet or your shoes. In addition, make sure the floral decorations have hues of red. But keep it delicate. Not too much. Just as accent colour and mix it with other off whites and pastel colours.

Nevertheless, this year’s trend can be summed up in one sentence- It’s all in the details! We have divided the trends for the year 2017 into two segments namely, the bridal Jewelry trend & the general Jewelry trend. So, here is a list below.  We hope you are inspired.

Bridal Jewelry Trends
1. Statement Earrings: We know brides will get more adventurous with their earrings. Dainty earrings  giving way for bolder choices such as hoops, chandelier earrings, colourful, big & bold pieces, which will help draw attention and enhance their overall look.


They will definitely be rocked in 2017 but in a bigger way. The bridal crowns and tiaras, adorned with unusual statement pieces and embellishment. Think flowers, crystals, beads and a whole lot of exciting/breathtaking pieces. One word- dramatic!

General Jewelry Trends
As usual, the costume jewelry from metals, crystals and various adornment will continue to rock throughout the year. The good news is that you don’t have to throw away the large and “unusual” jewelry you got seasons back. You can safely sneak them in all in this year.

……You should note that the vintage/antique bracelets with detailed patterns are definitely a big hit this season. For necklaces, big, bold & volume with various adornments meant to be worn on plain outfits to make a statement. For pendants, think different geometrical shapes and stones.

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