Roberto Gotti, well known Make Up artist in Italy, talks about the tricks for a perfect bridal make up. The interview has been taken from Style.

it” Let’s start with the basics: What are the points of light and shadows? How do you make? “Both serve to regulate the face, but while the former give volume, shadows, however, remove parts too prominent or important. In the case of the light fixtures, we will act with a product in light cream, champagne-colored type , pearlescent, because that can reflect light. Even a powder product, for example a champagne eye shadow will be fine, just after the powder is applied, for a better grip. For the shadows, however, are favorite colors taupe, on gray or brown, or bronzers, darker our skin, in both cases, however, they are not opaque and pearlescent. We can obtain shading both with the products in cream, as the foundation, that with the powders, as the earth, but in the first case, the powder will be stretched before, to obtain a greater fixing “.

And now we move to ABC corrections, reviewing the most common defects. How to correct a wide nose? “We make a premise: the shadows are created where they should already be there, or are pronounced the existing ones. A face is like the canvas of a painter, only with existing volumes it is up to us exacerbate or reduce them, depending on our needs. Having said this, to resize a broad nose, just darken the sides of the nose and create a central point of light. “

A weak chin? “If a chin is covered, with no personality, just create a point light in the center to give it volume.”

And for the cheekbones crushed? “They bleached to give them volume.”

Close eyes and eyes too far apart: as you progress? “In the first case, to remove them, use a darker outside makeup, which will fade towards the temple and lighten the root of the nose, to create a distancing effect. In the opposite case, instead, do the opposite: darken the root of nose and lighten the outside eyes, to introduce them “.

Finally, for those of low-hanging hair and then the tiny front? “The only thing to do is lighten the middle of the forehead with a clear pearlescent cream. This will give the volume”