Between white and red grapes, the latter are the healthiest to use in a natural beauty regimen.

Dark grapes are indeed best for our health, especially for the skin.They are high in antioxidants which carry anti-inflammatory properties and protect against sun damage, dark spots, and inflammation. They are rich in Vitamins A, C, B6, but it is the hight percentage of flavonoids that brings back the clock of our skin, esponentially improving the elasticity and therefore giving it a glowing and radiant look.

You can follow these easy 4 Steps to make your own Red Grapes based Face Cream:

  • 50 ml of a plain and neutral face cream from any organic shop
  • 5 ml of Argan Oil
  • 2,5 ml of Red Grapes extract*
  • 1 ml of Coenzyme q10

Mix all ingredients together using sterilised tools and containers.

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  • you can make your own grape extract by juicing or blending grapes
  • the picture is a courtesy of