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Sweet Cones for Your Wedding

If you are hosting a party and want to impress your guests, Sweet Cones are the ideal treat to give because of their versatility. Fun and tasty, both adults and children will love them. You can choose to fill the cone bags with a classic chocolate flavour or a tangy-sour one. You can fill them up with multicoloured sweets or monochrome ones.  Colours and shapes will determine the “mood” of the party.

how to make sweet cones

It’s easy and you can even involve your children. Here how.

What you will need: Colored paper, Tissue paper, or rice paper, or light satin fabric,Decorative ribbon, treats,Glue, Scissors

How You’ll Proceed:

  • Choose the colour of the paper to match the colour of the ribbon or the table. You can choose your colours based on the occasion. For children’s parties, pastel colours are best. For adults’ events, like weddings, use colours that give a more sophisticated feeling like silvers, golds, purples. 
  • Now trace a circle of 22cm diameter on the paper you’re using and divide it into 4 equal parts
  • Cut each segment of the circle by adding 1 or 2 cm to one side, on which the glue will later be applied
  • Cut a 22cm x 11cm rectangle of tissue paper
  • Glue the tissue paper to the upper end of the previously cut colored paper
  • Apply the glue on the side that we have left in excess, roll the colored paper on itself thus creating a cone
  • Fill the cone you have just made with chocolate eggs, candies and little surprises
  • Close the end of the tissue paper using a colored ribbon


what to put in sweet cones

The choice should be made by following the “theme” and the occasion of the event.
If for example is a ‘mermaid” theme for a girl ‘s party, use candies that have both the shape and colours of such theme

If the event has no theme, focus on the occasion. For example, a 60th birthday party, look for candies or chocolates that have numbers on them. You can also make your own cookies, using the relevant cookie cutter.

Candies have a long history in popular culture. It dates back to the Middle Ages, when the word was first recorded in English. By the eighteenth century, the word had taken on its own meaning. Today, the term “candy” covers a broad range of sweet treats,

Candies are made by cooking syrups at different temperatures. Lower temperatures produce chewy candies, while higher temperatures produce hard candy. They often contains flavourings. There are many varieties of candy, with different shapes and flavours. The process of making candies changed dramatically during the Industrial Revolution. New equipment made mass-production cheaper. The earliest candies were essentially chewing gum. At the turn of the twentieth century, also chocolate bars became popular

Sweet Cones for Your Wedding

Here the main categories of candies:

  • Caramels: hard sweets made with sugar and water
  • Flavoured Chocolates
  • Coloured Gummies
  • Licorice sticks or little squares
  • Flavoured chewing gums.

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