Emotionally drained, stressed, joyful, nervous, fearful, happy, dreamful, scared….too much going on, on your big day. So plan ahead and be prepared.

Few days before the big event, prepare a small bag (that your will hand over to your mum or one of your friend during the whole day) and fill it in with:

  1. A spare foundation ( the same tone and preferably the same brand of the one your make-up artist will use on the wedding day)
  2. A spare lip pencil of the same colour of your lipstick and a lip balm. If during the ceremony/reception your lipstick fades, using a lip pencil and then smudging the colour inside the lips with a lip balm, will be much easier than apply the lipstick to perfection
  3. A spare eye pencil of the same colour of your eye shadows. Again, pencils are much easier to use and going over the make-up once it starts fading, will keep giving you the perfect look for your eyes.
  4. A spare blush. Especially in the evening, you will need to go over the make-up of your cheeks again
  5. A spare deodorant or perfume of your preferred choice. Remember that perfumes might stain white clothes (in this care your wedding dress!!), so be really careful to apply the fragrance behind your ears and on your wrists
  6. You really want to be prepared for you ‘I do’ kiss, and eventually later. The day will be long and you will do a lot of talking with your family and friends
  7. A hair spray: you will need it at some point during the day. A strong-hold one will be very useful
  8. A spare shawl. Even if you get married during the summer, it might happen that later in the evening/night the temperature will drop or the percentage of humidity (in Italy is very common) will rise.
  9. Flat shoes. Choose them the same colour of your wedding dress, preferably embellished with stones and made of a precious material (either leather or silk), to make sure they look expensive. Later in the day your feet will feel very tired, but you will want to hit that dance floor anyway.
  10. If you are getting married in winter and you are wearing tighs, bring a spare pair. You never know if the ones you are wearing will get torn during the day