This article is an extract of one that appeared on ‘The Knot’. One journalist interviews Michelle D’vaz, brand and marketing manager at The Perfume Shop, to find out which fragrances work best for your wedding day and why.

Q. What kind of scent is best for a wedding?

Michelle: “Traditionally, floral scents that are light and delicate are best for weddings as they exude emotions of love and romance. Single floral notes such as rose, carnation and violet, or fruity scents with notes of oranges and lemons, can help to lower stress levels as well as being understated and warm.”

Q. Do you think it’s better for brides to wear their usual perfume for the wedding day or to buy a new scent?

Michelle: “Usually brides-to-be are looking for a special scent for their wedding: one that they can smell in the future to remember their big day.

“It’s important for brides to try new scents in advance of their wedding so they can experience the chemistry of the fragrance on their skin. The chosen perfume should be one that compliments the bride’s personal style, ceremony and season, and we recommend light and delicate scents to echo emotions of love.”

Q. Is perfume a good gift for your bridesmaids?

Michelle: “Giving perfume to your bridesmaids is the perfect way to show them how much you appreciate all their help. Think about gifting them a scent they can wear on the day, when they accompany you down the aisle: The Perfume Shop can help you to find perfect scents to suit the different personalities of your bridesmaids, whilst ensuring that your fragrance remains unique on the day.”

Did you know?  Italy has a fertile production of branded perfumes. One of this is “KRIZIA”

Krizia is the stage name of the Italian Entrepeneur Maria Mandelli who was born in Bergamo (close to Milan, in the 20’s). She soon became of the most admired stylist in Ithe mid 60’s and in 1980 her first Perfume “ K of Krizia” was produced.

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