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A Villa on Lake Maggiore

What’s the difference between Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda?

The largest and most popular lakes of the northern Italian Lake District are Como, Maggiore and Garda. Lakes Como and Maggiore are close to each other and close to Milan.


Lake Maggiore is closer to Verona, in the Veneto Region, where Venice is located. So where to go? They are both extremely beautiful, with many venues to choose from. Lake Maggiore I guess is less known and you still find reasonable priced suppliers and less crowd when moving around.


You are also closer to Venice which could be a great chance for both you and your guests if you never visited it before. No matter what you choose, both of them are worth a visit. The decision will be then much easier.


Here for you a lovely villa by Lake Maggiore, perfect for your wedding. For more information call Roberta at +44 750 1468 131 or email us at

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