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Sicily for your Wedding Planning

A Wedding Planner in London‘s Suggestion

Sicily and the Naxos Gardens: A Place to Discover

As a wedding planner here in London, I can definitely recommend this Italian island, if you want  to tie the know in early summer or autumn.

Italy is a marvellous country, so rich in history and places to see. If you are planning your wedding abroad, Sicily is the perfect destination.

Giardini Naxos is a charming town of Sicily. It is  on the coastline  between Cape Taormina and also Cape Schisò.
The town has an important history. As a matter of fact, the greeks first came here and then built other cities like the better known Syracuse and Agrigento. What is left of Greek Naxos can be seen in a historical park and also galleries of the city.

If you enjoy walking, take a stroll along the seafront. It’s in the way that you can see most of what Giardini Naxos has to offer . Eventually you could also book a boat trip and go around the coast to enjoy a  magnificent view.

As a wedding planner I can suggest to have your wedding reception in one of the many beautiful restaurants along the coast which have a stunning view and serve amazing fish.


Once in Taormina you also want to visit the Castello di Schiso, one of the main attractions of the town. Situated on a cliff, the castle was the citadel safeguarding. It later became  a sugar-processing mill. Local authorities have now started an impressive refurbishment process, to transform it into a museum. Tourists at the moment can only visit few of the rooms as well as the yard. Romanesque crosses sculpted right into wood beams embellish the rooms of the castle.