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Wedding Venues: Checklist to find the right one

Wedding Venues: Checklist to find the right one

When looking into a wedding venue, you want to consider the following, before deciding:

Easy Access – think of how all your suppliers are going to get their equipment into the venue;

Practicality – there are lots of wonderful venues: but do they have parking facilities? Does the internal layout facilitate the flow of the guests from the welcome cocktail to the dances?

Check the restrictions – some venues may not allow any decor to be put up or may have restrictions on how loud the music can be.;

Cost – make sure you know what you are paying for. What rooms you can use, what about the tables, chairs, highchairs, crockery and table linen; how long you have the venue for, are there any costs payable for damages?

Timing – how long do you have the venue for, what is the hire period? Does this include set up and break down by suppliers?

Check your contract – once you have confirmed and the venue has issued a contract, do check through it carefully. You really don’t want to end up paying more than budgeted!

Italy is full of wonderful wedding venues. From LakeGarda, to Tuscany and further south to the Amalfi Coast, you really have plenty of choices. Should you need help in deciding or a simple consultation, call me. Happy to help.

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