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Wedding Venues in Sicily

The weather in Sicily is typically moderate, making it the perfect destination for a wedding, basically all year around. 

Furthermore, Sicily is one of those Italian Regions that offer everything: from beach to mountain backdrops as well as the chance to reach the little islands dotted around it by boats.

Therefore,  there are many different wedding venues in  Sicily available to choose from. These include beachfront venues, indoor venues, villas, palaces, and hilltop settings. You can find a Sicily wedding venue to match your budget and your preferences. However, be sure to choose a location that is easily accessible to guests. Travel time can be an issue, and a venue that is difficult to reach can be a hassle for your guests.


If you’re looking for a romantic wedding venue with a stunning backdrop, consider Taormina, Sicily. The amphitheater-style wedding venue overlooks the sea and is perfect for an outdoor ceremony. In addition to its gorgeous sea views, this venue features stunning architecture.

Among the most beautiful wedding locations in the world, Taormina is a popular tourist destination on Sicily’s eastern coast. Its pristine views of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea are a must-see, making it one of the most famous destinations for romantic events. The city is also rich in history and offers plenty of luxurious hotels for an elegant, private wedding.

If you’re looking for a romantic venue for your Sicily wedding, look no further than the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina. With sweeping views of the sea and Etna, this luxurious hotel has the perfect setting for your special day. Whether you’d prefer a romantic beach wedding or a modern city wedding, the hotel can cater to your needs and budget.

The Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo is located in the heart of Taormina and is one of the first hotels built in the town. It offers stunning views and sensational cuisine. This elegant venue is surrounded by a lush park and is a favourite of local aristocrats. Its elegant suites and rooms are decorated with a combination of Sicilian charm and glitz.

Wedding Venues in Sicily


Choosing one of the Conti di Scopello, Sicily, wedding venues means choosing a magical setting for your special day. The villa, which has been beautifully decorated by great artists, offers a fairytale wedding setting. Guests arrive by boat and can enjoy a sunset cocktail before dining under the stars or in the elaborate fresco halls.

Whether you want a beachfront wedding or an elegant indoor wedding, the Conti di Scopello is the perfect location for you. Choose from a palace, villa, or hilltop location. Just make sure to consider whether your guests will be able to easily access the venue. Choosing a location with limited accessibility can add to the stress and time of your special day.

Travelling to Sicily

There are two international airports in Sicily: Catania and Palermo

Sicily has a very warm and welcoming culture. The island is full of cultural treasures, as one of the most diverse Region in Italy due to different civilisations that invaded the island throughout the centuries: from the Arabs to the Normans

Sicily’s cuisine reflects this diversity. Traditionally, Sicilian cuisine is focused on simple seafood dishes, with emphasis on fresh and local ingredients. Sarde a beccafico, for example, is a traditional starter of butterflied sardines served on skewers and accompanied by lemon and other local ingredients. Trattoria La Canonica is a great place to find authentic sarde a beccafico.

The Pallantine Chapel in Palermo is considered one of the wonders of Sicily. It is listed as a Unesco world heritage site. Other noteworthy Norman sites include the cathedrals in Monreale and Cefalu.