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Would you like your Flower Decorations to be remembered?
If you’re thinking of a royal wedding party, then think about flowers. It’s not merely about the dress or the setting
Strelitzia is the official name of the so-called “Bird of Paradise” ‘s flower . This comes from Joseph Paul Frederick Bank a botanist and naturalist , also director of the royal gardens.
He named this unique flower in honour of Sophia Carlotta, Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who later became the queen of Great Britain, following her marriage with King George III.
This beautiful flower,  in fact, started to be cultivated at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, from  1773
It’s a tropical floral plant per excellence; it is believed to have originated from South, where botanists call it  Crane Flower. It is of course part of the genus Strelitzia, associated with the Musaceae family.
The particular name of Strelitzia originates  from the fact that that the actual flower is made of three orange petals and three glowing azure petals (Strelitzia reginae), which are stuck together into a single bud. When the flowers bloom, each petal opens and takes the particular shape of the of a tropical bird in flight.


As a wedding florist,  I will certainly recommend brides-to-be, to do something different and incorporate these amazing plants as their main decoration. The Strelitzia represents devotion, love and care. Within the Hawaiian communities it is part of their culture to use Sterlizia in their important occasions. In their language, its name indicates “small globe” and is a symbol of splendour.
Because of their impressive bright colours, the Bird of Paradise that can be very easily matched with flowers of similar hues. Those are Craspedia, that together with a  rich variety of foliage {can reproduce a tropical effect. You can include also some white-colored flowers to provide a new softer look.
The  Sterlizia would be ideal for a seaside wedding or perhaps event. As a Wedding  Planner in Italy (well based both in London and Italy) I may advise countless of suitable locations in my beloved country that are suitable for a seaside wedding or event. The bright orange will certainly blend with the coastline’s sunset and taupe colours of sand and stones. The blue of course matches the colour of the waters, making the decorations a stunning overall picture.